Perfect Ponds Made Simple

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The perfect Pond, Made Simple

Making the ‘perfect pond’ is no small task; it may require time and effort to construct a pond that is clear, long-lasting and also interesting to look at on a daily basis. There are a few basic factors that will determine the quality of your pond water.

We at Bali Reef Aquarium have been working on ponds and aquariums for 10 years. Now with the new lineup of Hozelock Cyprio products we are able to provide you a pond cleaning solution that is hassle free and is user friendly.

The first thing to consider when building a pond is sizing. Make sure that you plan ahead before you start to the digging process. You can calculate the water displacement/capacity of your pond with this formula:

Average Length(meters) x Average Depth(meters) x Average Width(meters) = volume in meters square

Volume in meters square x 1000 = Liters Capacity

Calculating your pond capacity is important as it will let you know the types of equipment you will using to filter and circulate your pond water.


Additional Factors to Consider:

If the average depth of your pond is less than 0.7 meters OR in full sunlight

ADD 25% to pond capacity. If your depth is less than 0.7 meters AND in full sunlight add 50% to pond capacity. This is so that you can choose the right equipment as sunlight and depth affects the efficiency of pumps and filtration systems.

After digging the pond, next you will need to put some pond lining. This is so that the water does not seep into the ground. Once you know the size and shape of your pond you want the size of the liner needed to be calculated as follows:

Maximum Length + ( 2 x Maximum Depth) x Maximum Width + ( 2 x Maximum Depth)

For Example if the maximum length is 3 meters and the maximum width is 2 meters and the maximum depth is 1 meter: 3 + (2 x 1) by 2 + (2 x 1)

Therefore you will need a liner 5.3 meters by 4.3 meters minimum. Allow a 150mm overlap around the edge for anchoring. After you have secured the lining its up to you to add a creative touch to your pond.



Equipment List:

Filtration Systems:

Filters are key in order to maintain your pond water quality. We personally recommend the Hozelock Bio-force pressurized filters. The Hozelock Bio-force filter is an advanced pressurized filter with a UV clarifier and unique no fuss cleaning system for a clear and healthy pond. Available in 3 different sizes up to 14000 Liters, and includes a UVC that eliminates algae that causes green pond water.


At Bali Reef aquarium we have a large selection of pumps although the best quality item that we have is the Hozelock Aquaforce pump. It is the most energy efficient and durable pump that we have been using for many of our pump projects. It is a pump and basic mechanical filter integrated into one unit. They are also available in different sizes up to 15000 liters per hour.

Ultra-Violet Clarifiers

Ultra Violet Clarifiers are useful when it comes to removing algae that is too small to be removed by a mechanical filtration system. These types of algae are the main causes of green and murky pond water as the algae is too small for the mechanical filters.

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