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Hozelock Ecopower 2500+ uvc pond filter is the affordable answer for clear and healthy water in garden ponds Product characteristics at a glance: Ecopower filters have a combined Ultra Violet Clarifier ensuring clear water. Water enters the filter via an aeration nozzle which increases the efficiency significantly. These filters can be partially buried in the ground. The water then passes through a foam, which traps particles and finally flows through the biological media before returning to the pond. 2 Year Guarantee, How does the filter work: Water enters the filter through a stepped hosetail (20/25/32/40mm). From here it passes into the UV chamber. The UV chamber features a "turbulator" to ensure that the water is exposed correctly to the UV light produced by the UV bulb. This clumps the algae that causes greenwater together. The water then passes through a venturi to aerate it. The water passes into the bottom of the filter, passes through the biological media, and rises up through the foam filters. Waste in the bottom chamber can be desludged. The water exits through 32mm pipework. The biological media provides a home for friendly bacteria. These bacteria purify the water and remove fish waste. The foam filters remove debris and solid waste. When this filter is sized correctly, installed and maintained in accordance with our instructions we guarantee clear-water. Technical info: Ecopower 2500 UVC + Pond Filter Size (approx): 38x30x40cm. Max pond size: No Fish: 2500ltr, With Fish: 1250ltrs, Not For Koi. Inlet pipe size: 20-40mm. Outlet pipe size: 32mm. UV wattage: 6 watt.

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