Chiller Halea HK-1000A

Chiller Halea HK-1000A


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Hailea HK-1000A is an efficient chiller that keeps aquarium chilled and stay cold with a stable temperature range, allowing marine fish and corals to thrive. Hailea chillers are value for money considering that their reliability has been proven over many years here in Singapore. Key Features - HK series Uses environmentally-friendly Freon-Free R134a refrigerant. Anti-corrosive Pure Titanium Heat Exchanger. Suitable for fresh and saltwater chilling. New Quick-Chill Boost function (2hr and 24/7) for fast chilling of water to preset temperature. Reliable and quiet operation. Specifications of HK-1000A These are the specifications of Hailea HK-1000A: Power: 1HP Voltage: 220-240V Frequency: 50Hz Working Current: 3.2A Tank Capacity: 1000L (recommended) Refrigerant: R134a Flow Rate: 5000-10,000L/h Weight: 19.8kg Dimensions: 560 x 380 x 480mm

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