At Bali Reef Aquarium we specialize in the consultation, construction and servicing of aquatic ecosystems such as ponds and aquariums for both private and commercial purposes. We have a long history in this industry, our company was established back in August 2003. Since then we have been refining our techniques and increasing the quality standards of our services in the project and retail departments. We have built hundreds of different aquariums and pond systems throughout the years for a wide range of customers.

We pride ourselves in the quality of equipment we use in our projects and also the skilled and experienced workforce that we employ in our project division. A majority of our project staff have been with us since the day Bali Reef Aquarium was established. 

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Double Six Rooftop Aquarium: 

At Double Six Rooftop, you could see our biggest project which is a 5.4 meter x 1.47 meters x 0.8 meters shark tank aquarium. The project took almost a year to complete and is also equipped with state of the art marine filtration systems. This was by far one of the most complicated aquarium system that we have built so far, a crowning achievement for the Bali Reef Aquarium project team.

Here are other samples of our projects and the types of aquatic systems that we have constructed throughout the years.

Happy Chappy Reef Aquarium:

 Urban Life Store Aquarium


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